Do you love apples?

How about coconut?

I love both! And thankfully, so does my 6 year old.

This is a super easy sweet treat that you can whip up for your kids guilt-free.

                                                                                        I’ve served it as dessert and also for breakfast. The little bit of coconut milk adds just enough healthy fat to give the dish its creamy texture, but also helps make it filling, as does the fiber from both the apples and coconut.

On this day we actually made it in the middle of the afternoon to enjoy as a post-pool snack.


1. 4-5 Sliced apples
2. 1 can pure coconut milk (not coconut drink) – I use the light version
3. Cinnamon or others spices to taste
4. Raw sugar or stevia (optional) – I added a sprinkle of raw coconut palm sugar


1. Put all ingredients in a pot
2. Simmer on low to medium low until the apples get soft (20-30 minutes)
3. Remove from heat and add to blender
4. Blend until desired consistency
5. Serve immediately, or cool down in refrigerator and serve chilled
6. Dig in!

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