Let Your Freedom Ring (or reign)!

Cue the music, the marching band, and of course the fireworks!! ? I’m still in celebration mode over here! I mean, come on, America just celebrated the anniversary of her Independence. And I am all about freedom, for everyone! So cheers to independence; mine and yours!!

And while you and I weren’t actually a part of that particular time in history…fighting alongside our founding fathers (and mothers) for freedom, we’re certainly fighting for freedom in our personal lives.

We fight to become free-from something, or free to do something, or become something or someone.

I know I’ve fought (and continue to fight) for my freedom in many ways, every day. Because I believe that anything (of real value) worth having, is worth fighting for.

And so every day, I fight my old insecurities.

I fight that negative voice that tries to sneak up on me when I least expect it.

I fight my impatience.

And I fight my tendency to force, instead of allow…

But you know what, I have to say….while some days (and some issues) aren’t as easy as others, I am reminded that it’s about winning the war, not every little battle.

And when I take a step back and look at the big picture, I’m proud to say that I am certainly winning the war in my life! How about you?

Are you winning YOUR war?

If not, keep reading because I’ve got something to help you.

But first…

Here’s what freedom looks like in my life

A big part of how I personally experience independence in my life has to do with being an entrepreneur; with being my own boss.

Not being dependent on an employer, or a company, or a work schedule, or even a location…allows me the freedom to create the kind of work that I enjoy, and the kind of lifestyle that I love – a lifestyle in which I’m free to travel often, and to spend several months at a time in different parts of the country and world with my family – a now reality that began as a far off dream when I was a teenager…just two years ago! ?

I get it! That kind of nomad-entrepreneurial life does not feel like freedom for everyone. For some (maybe even you) this kind of lifestyle might create anxiety in your life, or a feeling of being unsettled.

But for me, it feels like absolute freedom!

Your Mindset Minute (or longer journal entry)

And that’s what you need to determine in your life. You need to identify what freedom means to you! 

Grab a piece of paper, your journal, (or the comments section!), and quickly brain dump the answers to the following questions:

What does freedom look like in my life?

What does it feel like?

How does it show up for me?

How does it show up in my professional life?

What do I want to be free-from?

What do I want to be free to accomplish, to become, or to do more of?

For some of you this could mean freedom from some habit or addiction you have, or from constant stress in your life, or freedom from a bad relationship.

Maybe you’re looking for a feeling of freedom in your health, because you’ve been stuck, not able to lose weight or to incorporate regular exercise in your life, or to adopt better eating habits…

Maybe you want the freedom to switch careers, or to pursue your dream occupation or lifestyle.

Whatever it is, before you can achieve it, you must DEFINE IT.

Then, once you define your freedom, you’ll need to begin to consider how will you go about achieving it.

Before I was Free

I’ve had the absolute joy and pleasure of living my FREE-dom life…a life I purposefully created (doesn’t mean there weren’t some perfectly unplanned surprises along the way) for the past 13-14 years!

But before that, I was living a life that felt anything but free.

I felt stifled. I felt frustrated and anxious… like a prisoner in my own life.

Do you ever feel like a prisoner in your own life?

To get where I am today (living out my dreams and goals, making my own rules, living life on my terms…) required “work”.

But believe it or not, the majority of work that needed to be done was all in my head!

I already had the work ethic, the drive, and the focus that was needed to achieve my goals…but what I was missing, and what held me back for so long, was the mindset to support my work ethic.

And so I had to learn to defeat the head trash, fears, insecurities, and all the reasons why I couldn’t have that kind of lifestyle I wanted…no matter how far off it seemed at the time.

Don’t let your mindset hold YOU back!

When you go back through the questions you answered above, ask yourself one final question.

“How is my current mindset holding me back?”

Here’s a clip of me talking about this in my recent Facebook Live video.

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Please share some of your personal FREE-dom goals for 2017 in the comments section, and what you think might be in your way. I reply to all comments.


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