As we embark on a new year, now is a good time to reflect upon how you handled the ebb and flow, and perhaps the turbulent waves of this last year.​

How did you do?

Did you ride the waves like a free-flowing surfer? Or did you tense up, fall off and sink?​

When faced with a challenge or obstacle, how did you handle it? If you immediately decided it would be impossible or difficult, or that it was just your bad luck again…then you were stuck in reactionary mode, minding what happens way too much!

Pay it no mind

A New Earth: Awakening Your Life’s Purpose, he talks about not minding what happens.​

I love this concept!

If you’re minding what happens, it means you’re labeling everything that comes your way as “good” or “bad”. When you do that, you block yourself from being open to the lesson or beauty that experience was actually meant to bring you.

Think of a specific challenged you faced this past year.

Did you immediately judge it as bad? Did you let it bring you down? Did you feel sorry for yourself, or blame someone else?

That’s reaction mode.

Living your life in reactionary mode robs you of your innate power, and instead gives it to everyone and everything else in your life.

When you don’t mind what happens you’re not in reactionary mode. Rather, as a good surfer does… you soften your knees, sink into your core and ride out the wave.

Shifting from sinker to surfer means you no longer react; you respond.

Learning How to Surf

I have struggled with limiting beliefs too. We all have. It has so much to do with what we were raised to believe, and how we were taught to react.

It doesn’t matter! With practice, anyone can create a new mindset or a new pattern.

Learn how to respond to life, instead of always reacting. Teach yourself how to ride the waves, and find beauty in the ebb and flow.

This is how I’ve trained myself to live my life now. I try my best not to judge what comes up. I avoid blaming anything or anyone for my situation, and I always look for the lesson and the opportunity.

I know that everything is happening FOR me, not to me.

I know that the universe has my back.

It has yours too!

Time to Get on the Surfboard

Learning how to thrive with the ebb and flow of life, means you have to start thinking differently. To do that, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people, and people you can aspire to be more like.

My private Facebook group is a great place for you to start.

This is a supportive community filled with positive people engaging with me and each other, helping to raise our vibration and to explore what is possible. Inside this group I do weekly live coaching, and I answer questions and give tips on how to Manifest your dreams and goals.

Come join the fun!

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