The Difference Between Achievers and

You probably know someone who appears to succeed at anything he or she attempts. Success comes easy to them. They have goals and the golden touch that goes with it! Another person has huge dreams and big ideas, but nothing ever seems to materialize. What’s the difference between these two people? One just dreams. The other dreams in order to Achieve.

What does that even mean…”dreams in order to achieve?”

It means the Achiever knows that a dream without action is well, a nightmare.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming! Every achievement begins with a dream or a vision. It’s what you do with that dream that matters.

And one of the best actions you can take when you have a dream of any substance, is to surround yourself with people who are pursuing the same or similar dream, or who have already accomplished the dream you wish you achieve.

The Zone Event

For the second year in a row, I am at the Zone Event!! I am surrounded by 1,000 entrepreneurs who are making their dreams come true, leveling up their lives and challenging others to do the same. Several months ago I set a personal goal to make a difference for at least 100 entrepreneurs by inviting them to join me at this year’s event in Phoenix, AZ. I achieved that goal, and I exceeded it.

That feels damn good! Achieving a purpose driven goal like this one always does.

My business coach Shanda Sumpter,
founder of Heartcore Business, and
The Zone Event

The Zone event is led by my business coach Shanda Sumpter, and is filled with people who inspire you, challenge you, bring out the best in you, and invite you to level up in everything you do.

I make it a point to surround myself with this kind of supportive positive energy as often as possible, because it makes a HUGE difference.

This weekend there will be stage presentations, break out sessions, live coaching, networking, and lots of fun. I’ll actually be taking the stage this year…twice! I’m even hosting a private VIP cocktail reception the evening before kick off, for the 108 entrepreneurs (and want-to-be entrepreneurs) that have agreed to join me at this event.

Because life is a party! 🎉🎉🎉

And when you surround yourself with heart-centered, goal driven people… business is a party too!

Surround Yourself With the Right People​

I know you’ve heard the saying, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Have you looked around lately and asked yourself whether or not these are the people you want to be like? Do I like what you see?

When you look at your circle, do you see people who are going after their dreams, waking up early to exercise, and carving out time to work on their goals and make purposeful connections?

OR do you look around and see people who procrastinate, make excuses, regularly veg out on video games and TV, complaining about life, just sitting around waiting for the “right time” or the “right break”?

Be careful!

The more time you spend with a person or persons, the more you become like them — in energy, in mindset, and in achievement and personal fulfillment!

Ever notice that the most successful people you know, hang out with the most successful people they know? There’s a reason for that! Energy attracts energy, and if someone is successful, they know that hanging out with other achievers will boost their energy and support them in achieving too!

I invite you to surround yourself with high-vibe, manifesting achievers in my group,
Manifest Your New Mindset! Here I share exclusive secrets I have learned about the mindset you need to manifest your dreams!

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