Do you plan on participating in your local Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving?

If not an organized race, maybe you’ve got your own morning run planned.

For many, Thanksgiving is a time of tradition.

The same menu, the same football games, the same guests, and that morning run!

Personally, I don’t run on Thanksgiving day, simply because it’s not a part of my normal fitness regimen. Instead, I stick to my normal morning routine which is about 10-15 minutes of yoga before the sun comes up, sometimes followed by a brisk 20 minute walk to watch the sunrise, but always followed by a lifting session after breakfast.

On some Thursdays I also add in 15 minute sprint intervals. So I’ll be sure to do that this year. Those sprints will be MY Turkey Trot. 🙂

BUT FOR THE REST OF YOU…if you do plan on getting in a morning 5k or 10k, here is a cool little calorie graph that My Fitness Pal put out.

And if you didn’t plan on exercising on Thanksgiving, this graphic might actually change your mind.

P.S. You can plug it into your calorie counter, but I bet you a 30-60 minute lifting session will actually burn more calories than that trot.

Either way, now you have options.

Get on out there and give thanks for your health.

Happy Turkey Day!

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