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For more than 15 years, Jessica has helped thousands of ambitious women and men create transformational results in their lives.

Jessica is a pro-athlete, entrepreneur, and high performance coach. She works with exceptional leaders who want to hit their next level of performance.

Her proven PRO-Mindset system helps entrepreneurs adopt the habits, thought patterns, and visualizations used by elite leaders and pro-athletes.

Leaders who join Jessica’s community of next-level entrepreneurs seek a program that holds them accountable, consistently challenged, and dedicated to excellence.

Jessica’s fundamental belief is that when you are driven by purpose and vision, you can cause or create any change or transformation, in any area of your life, regardless of your past or present circumstances.

Through her proven PRO-Mindset system, Jessica and her team help you connect to your purpose and big vision for your life, then teach you the mindset and daily performance tools to carry it out with focus and joy.


Jill Seebantz

“I have worked with Jessica almost 2 years. My clarity around my big vision, is WOW! This is what Jessica does best. Not only does she support you in discovering your BIG vision, she more importantly gets you to living that vision now. Shifting the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, she holds you accountable to what you are creating. Jessica’s skills, intuition, and the tools she shares… all lead to living life NOW. The confidence, FOCUS, and discipline I have gained are just a few of my biggest takeaways.”

S. C. Sterling

“Jessica has changed my life for the better over and over again! Through her Vivid Vision process, I got honest with myself about what I truly wanted. Then, Jessica helped me to feel in alignment and worthy of having that vision. Within a few months, that vision became a reality, and we moved into our dream house (something I had been wanting for 10 years with no results)! Just this week, after a check-in session with her, we got to a new layer that has freed me up and I am more joyful now than I can even remember. Within 24 hours of that meeting, over $16,000 came into my business with ease. If you are ready to take responsibility for the life you know you can have, and need some help to gain clarity, focus, and belief, then Jessica Perez Beebe is your coach! I will be working with Jessica for as long as she is taking clients. My life is blessed because of her leadership, service, and guidance.” “

Charlene Magbanua

“I’ve been working with Jessica and her team for a few months, and I’ve been able to connect deeply with my vision. My intentions and actions are clearer than ever before. Today my cousin told me I’m different, in a great way! My relationships are present and connected. I also now have the tools to shift and interrupt my old habits. I absolutely love our small group!”

Jules Nov

“Jessica Perez-Beebe, OMG what a great coach she is! She really helped me break through all my limiting beliefs and showed me the power I have within me. Being in her energy empowered me to activate my own high power and start to operate on high energy levels. I became an enroller! Recently, I had a VIP Day with Jessica and it pushed me even higher! With Jessica’s VIP coaching, we went through her North Star Finder process, and I unlocked my true mission, purpose, and potential, got clear on my offers and how I can be of better service to my clients. And should I mention I was able to sign new clients on the spot after Jessica’s coaching? Every coach needs a coach. Every person who wants to grow and break through self-limitations needs support. To unlock the power within the investment into a great coach is priceless! Jessica’s coaching is priceless!”

A. Yamada

“Wow. I just experienced a Vivid Vision Session with Jessica and it was a total game-changer. She was able to guide me to see what fears and old stories I was still holding on to, so I could be aware of them moving forward and know what to do and how to be when they come up. Then, she guided me to a very detailed vision of my upcoming big event. I felt transported to my event where I could see all of it … my team, my massive audience, the entire experience. Now it feels like a memory that I still get to live into, feeling empowered and knowing how to show up these next two months! For anyone who has a bigger vision for yourself, I highly recommend investing in a Vivid Vision Session with Jessica. It will change your life! Thank you, Jessica!”

Kathryn Hernquist

“I remember making that call. It was such a huge step for me getting back on board for ME and my bigger goals. I’ve been with Jessica for just over a year and have to say… my biggest shift is being proactive instead of reactive.”