Everyone has unique superpowers and when you’re tapped into them you’re connected to your greater purpose.

When you are living your life based on the gifts that you have, when you are contributing to the world based on your unique superpowers you are so much more joyful and happy with your life… you are committed to whatever it is you set out to do.

Are you just going through the motions?

When you are not connected to your purpose in life you begin to experience certain “symptoms”. You may not realize it at first, but take a closer look at your life to determine if this is the case.

You are not connected to your superpowers if you are regularly:

When you are just going through the motions of life, reacting to everything that’s thrown at you, instead of purposely co-creating the life you want… then everything becomes an uphill battle.

Get Out of Your Own Way

15 years ago I was working in a corporate office as an executive assistant at a technology company. First of all, I am so NOT a technology person and second, I’m not much of an assistant. 🙂 This job always felt like an uphill battle. It always felt like… ”Ugh, I’ve got to go to work today, or I can’t wait until Friday!” I was basing my career and job choice on how much I could make, the medical benefits, the one week of paid vacation, and job security… and that’s how so many of us were raised.

Thankfully, I had a huge wake up call when my mom was killed in a car accident at age 45. I realized in that moment, that life is NOW…and that I wasn’t going to waste another day just going through the motions, doing what I thought I “should” be doing…and that instead, I was going to discover my unique gifts and put them to use in the world.

The Good News

The good news is that you are the only person standing in the way of what you want to be, have, or accomplish in your life. When I got that realization in my life everything opened up for me… I stopped hiding behind my potential. I stopped making excuses for why I wasn’t doing something. I stopped blaming other people.

Discovering Your Superpowers

Your superpowers are your God given gifts. They could be something you don’t even realize. They might even be things that you’re ashamed of or that people convinced you that you needed to change about yourself.

I was told very often by my family and in other close circles in my life, “Don’t be so bossy Jessica… don’t speak up so much… slow down… stick to one thing… take less risk… be satisfied with what you have.” But that “advice” was actually pulling me away from who I really was – a creative entrepreneur and natural coach and leader.

Noone has the right to tell you who to be. Only you know what’s truly in your heart and soul, and only you have the power to pursue it.

I encourage you to discover what your superpowers are, journal about these questions to help you:

Tap into your superpowers to make a bigger impact in the world, to create more freedom for yourself, and to create more fulfillment in your life.

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