Limiting beliefs… The truth is we all have them.

Many times as adults our limiting beliefs come from what we were taught as children, what we repeatedly heard and saw around us, our own insecurities, and our own misinformation about what we believe is possible. It’s the steps we take next that determine whether or not we release those limiting beliefs, dream bigger, and live the life we’ve always wanted.


You NEED to dream bigger and RAISE your expectations.

Recently I interviewed a high level business coach, and she shared how she left her job to pursue her dreams of starting her own business, only to realize after a couple of years in business that she kept hitting an earning cap of the same exact amount she was making as an employee at her last job. What she finally realized, was that she couldn’t get past that dollar amount because THAT’S the amount she had been expecting to make. She kept telling herself, “If I can just make what I earned at my old job.”

And so that’s all she did make!

Once she had this revelation she took a step back and said to herself, “Wait a minute… why am I setting my expectations so low? I have my own business now. I get to make more and thrive, not just survive!”

It was only when she started to expect more of herself that she started to make more money, and finally busted through that financial ceiling she had imposed upon herself.

Expect more. Achieve your dreams.

Think about your own life, what are you self-imposed limits? Is it with your earning potential? Your relationships? Your confidence? Your health?

Ask yourself, “Is this really where I want to be in my life?”

If the answer is NO then you’ve got to up-level your goals and your expectations. Be open to the fact that you CAN and WILL accomplish so much more!

Here are a few tips to help you:

1.Decide to dream bigger. Make a conscious choice to start right now. And not just bigger, but 10x bigger! Dan Sullivan says…It’s hard to get excited about 2x growth. 10x, on the other hand, instantly motivates. It makes making major changes worthwhile.
2.Raise your expectations. Think bigger, and expect to accomplish that 10x goal you set for yourself! Visualize it. Taste it. Feel it. Experience it now as if it’s already happening. Repeatedly doing this, trains your brain to EXPECT it.
3.Release limiting beliefs. Turn any negative thought you have into a positive one. “I suck at this” becomes, “I need more support with this,” or “I just need to work at this and eventually I’ll be better at it.”

Take charge of your life, and follow these steps to set new beliefs.

Complacency leads nowhere

It is important to periodically reevaluate where you are in life. Ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I could possibly be doing to improve my situation and expect more?”

We are not meant to live a life of complacency and boredom.

You’ve got to continuously up-level your goals and your expectations. If you want to continue to grow you have to continue to stretch your mind.

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