Mango Smoothie

Post Workout Smoothie

I have made a lot of smoothies in my lifetime. This one is my favorite, for now at least! Maybe it’s because I’m currently living in the caribbean and the fruit is so fresh and cooling on these hot humid days.

I like to have this particular smoothie after a good workout session, because the majority of its calories come from fruit (fructose/glucose AKA sugar). It’s

 precisely after a vigorous workout that the muscles can actually utilize this sugar to replace glycogen (energy) stores lost during strenuous exercise.

If I have a smoothie any other time of day (not around my workout), they typically aren’t actual smoothies, but drinks instead – green drinks made with a variety of green vegetables, and sometimes a 1/2 cup of fresh coconut water.

I always add fresh herbs to my green drinks and smoothies – cilantro, mint, or basil, and most times ginger. Herbs are medicinal and healing in many ways. Cilantro and ginger in particular are anti-inflammatories, which make them perfect for post workout drinks.


Where’s the protein you ask?

I drink my protein powder by itself, with just water, about 30-60 minutes after I have my smoothie.

**Most food combining rules stress the importance of only consuming fruit with fruits (and melons by themselves). These days I almost always stick to that rule. But I like to have greens right after a workout, so I make the exception for this smoothie. It’s just a small amount, and it tastes so good!

Let me know if you love this smoothie as much as I do. And please share your favorite post-workout smoothie in the comments.

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In this video I show you how I make my fresh green drinks with my favorite medicinal spice!

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