So How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

In the western culture we are used to being told we need 8 hours of sleep each night. But according to the ancient mind-body science of Ayurveda (which I began studying in depth earlier this year), the amount of sleep you need actually depends on your specific mind-body type. In Ayurveda, your mind-body type is referred to as your Dosha.

Each Dosha is a reflection of the qualities of nature – earth, fire, or air.

Some people are predominately one Dosha. Many are an equal combination of two. And very few are an equal balance of all three.

I, for example, am Pitta-Vata. And whenever I am feeling “out of whack” physically or mentally, it’s usually my Pitta that needs some balancing. And Ayurveda has specific dietary and lifestyle practices you can incorporate to notice those positive changes immediately. They work!

Really, I have SO MUCH I want to blog about regarding the subject of Ayurveda, but I’m still in the collecting, observing, experimenting phase of it all. I want to get a little further along before I write my own recommendations. But I’m super excited to get there, and to share so much of what I have been incorporating in my own life the past 10 months.

Anyway, about sleep.

This is how Ayurveda basically sums up sleep

So what’s your Dosha? Take this quiz to find out.

But remember, it’s just an online quiz. A true assessment must be done by a licensed Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor, by asking you specific medical and non-medical questions and by taking your pulse. However, by reading the different dosha descriptions in detail, and by answering the questions truthfully and unbiasedly (it may help to have a close friend or spouse answer some of them for you), you can pretty much figure out at least your most predominant dosha. Those who are dual-dosha, like me, will typically have one more dominant (and possibly out of balance) depending on the climate you live in, or cuisine you favor. You’ll understand why when you take the quiz.

It’s a fascinating science!

And I have found the Dosha descriptions (all the way down to the specific ailments each one is prone to) to be 100% accurate when I apply it to the people I know well, including myself and some clients.

If you take the quiz, please post your dosha here and let us know if it sounds like you or not.

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