Most people on social media see my physical transformation and fitness accomplishments. But what you may not see underneath it is so much more significant – the transformation and accomplishments of my mind.⠀

You see, long before I began making a career out of fitness 10 years ago, I invested a lot of time and focus on how to manage my mind.

I read everything I could get my hands on about mindset, manifestations, successful people, happy people, quantum physics. ⠀

For years!⠀

And with practice and consistency I learned how to use nothing more than my MIND to create massive change in my life.⠀


Changes that included moving from insecurity to confidence, letting go of bad habits like smoking and too much drinking, letting go of toxic relationships (including friends and family members), leaving a secure well paying job to pursue entrepreneurship, going from broke to financially secure and debt free, attracting my soulmate…and the list goes on and on of how I used mindset to create so many meaningful changes in my life.⠀

So when I decided to make massive change in my health, and then my fitness, and finally my physique, I knew I already had a surefire tool to make it happen – my mind!⠀

The rest was easy.⠀

And that is why I am SO excited and absolutely electrified (big heartfelt smile as I type this) about the current transition of my career and services. And really, it’s less of a transition than it is a natural progression.

A progression to doing the deeper work I was meant to do – the work my personal and professional life has always been preparing me for, which is teaching women the Mindset Tools for creating massive change in your life! And I’m not just talking health and fitness. I’m talking about any and all areas of your life that YOU are determined to change or improve.

Because don’t you deserve to live your life on your terms? And not to just live it.

But enjoy it.

And thrive in it!

Yes, thrive!!!

Over the next month or two I’ll be revealing more and more of what I am working on behind the scenes, with the guidance of my new business and brand mentor. She’s awesome by the way!

Hint, hint: it’s something that’s going to help you create a seriously kick-ass life!

Come on, you know how passionate I am about helping people, women especially. And you know how excited I get when I’ve got something new to share. ?

This is no exception!

Seriously, it’s so good! I can hardly wait.

But for now, I have to.

So… if you want to be included in the ongoing mindset conversations, please comment hereTell me what areas of your life you want to make some mindset shifts around.

Don’t be shy. We all have things we’re want to improve Myself included!

Is it your health?

Your career?

Your relationships?

Your financial situation?

Whatever it is, let me know, and let our readers know. Most of the time people have similar desires.

And don’t forget to share this on your social feeds, or with a friend a like-minded friend.

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