One of the things I see happen a lot is that people have an “idea” of what they want to achieve, but they never take action.

They never create momentum.

Momentum is what keeps you going. But how does momentum start? That’s what Michael Strassner, personal development coach, asked a group of us at a leadership training a few months ago.

Here’s what he said:

“Momentum starts with no momentum…

a ball doesn’t just start out rolling. Something has to move it into momentum. You’ve got to create the momentum. You’ve actually got to do something. You’ve got to make the first move.”

I love this, because it’s so crystal clear that you can’t argue with it!

When you first start out on your journey to achieve your goals, there’s no momentum. It’s taking the first step that gives you a little momentum, then it continues to build as you stay consistent in forward motion and continuous practice.

Momentum creates new habits and new motivation for you to continue to achieve your goals.

Making Conscious Decisions

Here is a story that I’m sure many of you can relate to. Sue, one of my clients when I was a personal trainer, was so excited to finally lose the extra weight she had been carrying around and to get in great shape. One of her biggest struggles was she was not a morning person, and early morning was the only time she had to exercise.

The momentum just wasn’t there in the beginning. But we scheduled her sessions for 6:00 am anyway! At first, she had such a hard time getting herself out of bed, and more times than not she’d drag herself in 5 or 10 minutes late.

At the end of every session that started out that way, she’d say that she was glad that she got up and came to the gym because it made her feel great, and that she had so much more energy the rest of the day.

Eventually, she started getting to her sessions on time, and sometimes even a few minutes early.

The simple act of her getting out of bed…creating the momentum, helped give her the motivation to come back the next day.

As time went on, Sue trained her mind to do things when she didn’t feel like doing (such as getting out of bed early) because she had already committed to her goal, and she created the momentum.

As time went on, it didn’t matter how she felt that day, the bottom line is that she made a commitment and there was no way she was going to miss our session. She achieved her goal by sticking to the plan… she took one step at a time… one day at a time… and that created the momentum.

You’re not going to have momentum until you start doing that thing.

Each of us is good enough to achieve our goals. We’re good enough to pursue our dreams. There is never any reason why you can’t have what you want… except the stories that you tell yourself.

For things to change YOU have to change. You always have a choice to do something different today, that you haven’t been doing, that will get you the result you want in your life.

My Challenge to You

What is the one thing you’ve been avoiding because you think it’s too difficult? I invite you to think about that in a different way. What if you looked at that thing that seems difficult, or challenging, or requires too much effort and told yourself… it’s only difficult because you haven’t done it… it’s only difficult because you haven’t practiced it…

Ask yourself what would happen if you decided to take the steps towards doing that difficult thing you’ve been avoiding?

I challenge you to commit to one thing that will move you closer to your goal over the next three days. Let us know, in my private Facebook group, what step you are taking so we can support you.

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