There are so many situations in life that we cannot control. What we can control is how we handle them.

If you do NOT like change…

Most people I have encountered are at ease when they have stability and security in their lives. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from that of course, but change and uncertainty can bring positive changes too.

There are certain situations that are universally stressful to most of us – dissolution of a relationship, kids moving out, losing a job, moving, illness. , But for someone who doesn’t handle change well, these changes can turn into years or even decades of pain and stress. If this sounds like you, listen up.

Change is inevitable. You are never going to know what is coming up, all of the time. And many things, you can’t control or prevent. So…in order to take back some power over your life and your emotions, it ’s important that you are aware of how you react in the face of change AND come up with positive ways to problem-solve. If you don’t, you will continue to feel like you are stuck and the world is against you.

Try this

If change tends to freak you out and send you spinning, decide to add one or two things into your life that you can be certain about while you’re going through this change. For example, sign up for a daily fitness class after work and commit to going no matter what! Even better, join with a buddy so you can keep one another accountable. Having the same thing to look forward to every day, at the same time, is very soothing to someone who doesn’t like change.

See what other ways you can come up with to ease whatever transition you’re experiencing.

In all situations, what we think and believe about that situation, and what we choose to focus on about it, is what determines our experience and overall sense of happiness or sadness…fulfillment or disappointment.

Mindset is key. And YOU make up your mind.

You choose…

Don’t allow change to overpower you. At all times, remember that you have control over how you perceive a situation, and what you choose to focus on, and therefore feel. Your feelings arise in response to what you think about repeatedly. So if you don’t like the way you’re feeling, you can choose a different thought.

Do this for clarity

Step 1:
Grab a pen and a journal, and think about a past situation where you experienced a big change.. It could be a change that you made or a change that someone made for you. Allow yourself to feel the emotional and physical feelings that come up as you recall this situation, and write them down Don’t censor yourself. Just feel it, and write it.

Chances are you couldn’t prevent this change so whatever it was that you were resisting had to eventually happen.

Step 2:
Remember all the ways in which you resisted this change, and how long you resisted it. Write this in your journal Al…

Step 3:
Now jump ahead and remember what it was like when you were on the other side of this change. Write down all the positive things that came out of this change. How did it improve your life? Do you wish you’d made or accepted the change sooner? In what ways might you have benefited if you had resisted it for so long?

Step 4:
Take a deep long breath. Exhale!

Accept and let it go!

Many people tend to make change scarier than it really is. Most times when you look back on a situation you realize that what you experienced isn’t as bad as you originally made it out to be. And that something even better unfolded as a result.

In the end…

It’s important to remember that change will happen, it’s inevitable. Once you commit to being aware of your thoughts and point of focus, then you will have more control over emotions and response…and therefore, your overall sense of happiness and fulfillment.

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