Homemade Tortillas/ Chapatis

What most of us refer to as Tortillas, are called Chapatis in India.

Today is my second day of a week long stay at The Raj Ayurveda Health Center in Fairfield, Iowa. So far I have received two AMAZING 2-hour body treatments that included a WHOLE LOT of warm oil, 3 informative lectures, delicious (all local and organic) nutrition meals, and a private cooking lesson this morning with the head chef, Laxmi Mason.

’ll blog about the treatments and everything else at the end of the week. But for now, I must share this super simple, yet amazingly decadent, recipe for making your very own homemade chapati’s! If you don’t know what chapati’s are, don’t worry. It’s very simply, and you have probably already had them if you have ever dined at an Indian or Moroccan restaurant.

Chapatis/ tortillas (sometimes eaten as pancakes) are unleavened; meaning they are made without yeast. That’s a good thing for a lot of people, who knowingly or unknowingly have too much yeast or candida in their body, more specifically, their gut. But we’ll save that for another post, I promise!


All yeast aside, these chapati’s are so dang delicious! In fact, I requested that Laxmi teach me how to make these, as well as another gluten-free option that I will share in a separate video post, because I fell in love with them over dinner and lunch. This particular version, Laxmi serves on the side, fresh and warm with just a touch of melted ghee in the middle.

My mouth is salivating as I type this!

Several Cooking Options:

  1. Durum wheat
  2. Water

That’s it! Two ingredients.

My kind of cooking!

Watch Laxmi make her magic in this video.

Get your ingredients and your griddle ready. 🙂

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