How to Set Goals You Will Actually Keep

By: Jessica Perez-Beebe
January 15, 2017

Today is the day! January 15th of every year, at least 95% of people who made a new year’s resolution have already broken it!


That means only 5% of people are actually still following through with what they said they would do differently, or better this year.

That’s a heart-breaking statistic. Don’t you think?

It’s heart breaking because it means an overwhelming majority of people in this world – your friends, your family members, maybe even you, are feeling, at this very moment, like you have let yourself down yet again.

What a discouraging way to start a new year, by feeling l like you’ve failed at doing something you really wanted for yourself just a couple of weeks ago… something you were once so fired up about!

But wait. Were you actually fired up in the first place?

If you read my first article on this topic, you already know that the majority of people fail because they are making stupid resolutions!

Now, of course I don’t mean that the person making the resolution is stupid, or even that the resolution is “stupid” in and of itself.

I’ll admit, using the word stupid is a way to get your attention.

It’s not so much that the resolutions most of you are making are stupid.

It’s that they are poorly chosen.

It’s that they are poorly thought through, or not thought through at all.

And a lot of the time they aren’t even resolutions you are making for yourself.

How many of you have decided to give up something, or take up something, for your spouse or your children, or anyone else who has been pressuring you to make a change?

That’s one of the stupid resolutions I talk about in my first article.

So here’s the real deal!

If you are one of the 95% who has already lapsed on your 2017 resolution…or maybe it wasn’t an “official” resolution, but a goal you set for yourself a month ago, or a week ago, it’s only because you made the wrong resolution or set the wrong goal.

So what. It happens! It’s not an excuse to feel shameful or discouraged, or to give up altogether.

Instead, it’s the wake up call that you needed to get full your attention.

It’s your internal GPS system telling you that you have gone off course and that you need to make a U-turn and start again.

The bottom line is this!

It’s not too late to set a resolution (or a goal) you can get fired up about!

It’s not too late to set the right resolution, the right way!

It’s not too late to guarantee you will succeed.

And it’s far easier than you thought.

Here’s how!

Follow these steps I have outlined for you, and move forward with confidence and determination.

Your dreams and desires are there waiting… for you, to make them a reality.

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