Sunday was Earth Day and my family and I took the opportunity to really connect with nature in Yosemite National Park. Since I started taking my health and wellness seriously, I have a deeper appreciation for being outdoors. I love going on hikes and walks, always off the beaten path.

What prompted my deep admiration for the earth and all of it’s bounty?


Calming the Chatter

When I first began my journey into meditation, it was laughable. I am a high energy person, and if I’m not careful, my mind can go a mile a minute! Couple that with the fact that I am goal oriented, and you have internal chatter that is always bouncing around to what I am going to achieve next.

To be honest, I like that about myself. I like having something to do and thinking of bigger and better ideas. But every now and then, I need to quiet the chatter and be present in the moment.

My first attempts at meditation were brief, but the more that I practiced quieting my mind the more I noticed a difference in my mindset. I was thinking clearer, I was more focused, I was more centered, and connected to my purpose.

Just like that, I was hooked!


The truth is, that doing the type of meditation that most people think about (sitting cross-legged in a quiet room) doesn’t always work for me. Most times I can do about 5-10 minutes before I get restless. Instead of giving up completely, I adapted!

I started using my nature walks as my meditation.

Did you know that “walking meditation” is actually a thing?

It works well for me, and others like me, who have lots of energy or feel more inspired being in nature.

Once I started this unique form of meditation more consistently, I began to see a shift in my whole demeanor. On these walks where I would normally be thinking about what I could accomplish when I got home, I found myself being more present, more connected, more at peace.

Now when I walk, I notice the delicate song that the birds sang, I smell the crisp morning air, I feel the cool breeze brush my cheek, and I watch the way the colors melt together in the sunset.

I feel it all.

When you are able to quiet your mind, even for a little while, you ground yourself in the moment that you’re in and you open yourself up to the beauty of the world.

Nature and the Earth play a big role in all of that.

A Challenge

I challenge you to get outside this week and soak up all of the beauty that nature has to offer. Let it fill your soul. Yosemite might be out of the question, but chances are that you have a neighborhood park you could relax in or a botanical garden that could use a stroll.

While you are spending time outside, do your best at being present in the moment. Don’t let your mind wander to obligations at home or stressors that you’re feeling. Take a breath and notice all of the amazing things that the world has to offer you.

Let that feeling flow through you.

And then come back and tell me how it went! You can share your experience in our facebook group. Have you joined yet? If not, you can do so here.


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