The human mind constantly amazes me. It controls EVERYTHING in our lives… even our food choices and lifestyle habits!

Following special diets or exercise programs will NOT make a difference if you have a mindset block around food. Yes…You heard that right! How you THINK about what you eat, will determine your level of success in achieving the health and fitness goals you desire.

Your Body Is Listening

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty after eating a piece of chocolate cake? A snickerdoodle cookie? Or that second helping of spaghetti and meatballs? While eating it, or after finishing it, do you beat yourself up and feel guilty because those food are bad for you?

Your body hears every single thing your mind tells it! If you believe the food you’re eating is bad for you or will make you fat then that’s exactly the experience your body will have!

While the amount you eat does matter, what matters more is what you think of yourself while you are eating and after you eat.

The thoughts you put behind your food makes as much of a difference, and sometimes MORE of a difference than you’re actually putting in your mouth!

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

Here is the thing, when you make your health and wellness a priority you’re more likely to follow through on other important life goals such as your business, family, spirituality or whatever else you’re choosing to work on!

So, set a health or fitness goal, monitor what you are eating (without judgment!) and commit to at least 15 or 30 minutes of being active every day… Even if it’s just a brisk walk, some light yoga, or playing frisbee with your kids, whatever it is, it’s important you DO something! Take real measurable steps every day to improve!

Consistency is the key to feeling better. Your mindset about food will change and as that happens you will find yourself eating the things that feel better to your body and doing the things that will make your body feel strong and healthy. Your body knows what it needs and as you open yourself up to it.

Overeating Happens, Don’t Stress

Sometimes you may feel like you ate too much, feel bloated, tired, heavy, nauseated or just kind of blah… this is what I call a food hangover.

There will be times when we eat more than our body likes. Don’t Stress it! Don’t go back to feeling bad or declaring you ate way too much or that extra slice of pizza you ate last night was bad for you!

Shift your thoughts to something supportive, something healthy you can do today, and something positive you can say to yourself right now in this moment.

Here are some quick nutrition tips to feeling better every day:

Drink MORE water! Start with one 20 ounce of water first thing in the morning. Room temperature is best.
Avoid high sodium foods when you can Minimize foods with added sugar and sweeteners
MOVE! Wake your body up!

These tips will give your body a boost to feel better! YOU are in control of your body NOT food!

One last tip

Monitoring what you eat will help pinpoint foods that trigger “bad” thoughts. Keep a pen and notepad with you for a few days and write down each and every food and drink that you consume. List how you feel for EVERY item you write down. For every negative thought write down a positive way in which you can view that food or drink in the future.

MINDSET is everything! Take control of your mind and you will take control of your body!

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