What You Can Do to Attract More Wealth & Abundance in Your Life

I’m sick of society demonizing money and wealthy people, perpetuating a belief that the rest of us don’t have as much as we could or “should” have because the “rich people” have it all, and are keeping it from the rest of us.

As someone who grew up poor, being told that “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, and that “We’re not like them,”and that “We’ll never have that.”, etcetera and so on, completely confused the F out of me!

Yes, I was taught to work hard for what I want. But the subconscious message (and sometimes direct message) I got is that I’d be working hard to just get by, just like the rest of my family.

Because again, “The rich people have it all,” and well, they’re greedy, shallow, and uncaring. So in my child mind…then teenage mind…then young adult mind, I subconsciously thought, “Well, I certainly don’t want to be like THEM.”

And so for a very long time, I wasn’t like them.

I wasn’t wealthy.I wasn’t able to pay my bills on time.

I wasn’t able to drive a car that didn’t break down every other month.I wasn’t able to travel.

I wasn’t able to sign up for courses I wanted to take.

Basically, I couldn’t afford to live the life that I wanted to live.

But guess what I WAS doing really well?

Working hard and just getting by. Exactly as I’d been taught!

You see, MINDSET is everything. And I do mean everything!

What we believe we are capable of, and worthy of, is exactly what we will accomplish. No more, no less.

When I embarked on my personal development journey over 20 years ago, I wasn’t quite ready for the mindset shift surrounding money. I had some other things to untangle first. Many things in fact! 🙂

But I do remember quite clearly when that shift began to happen about 14 years ago…those little light bulb moments, those “Ah-has”. And once I began to “get it”, and began doing the mindset work around my own limiting beliefs, just WOW!

That is when wealth began to flow freely to me and through me.

Now, that doesn’t mean I hit the lottery, or that all of a sudden money was falling from the sky, or that I don’t still have to work what I want

It means that once I was able to get out of my own way, more opportunities (expected and unexpected) to earn and receive money began presenting themselves to me.

Not just job opportunities, but creative ideas.

Not just ideas, but situations and people.

There is a saying that “Birds of a feather flock together.” That’s because our energy attracts like energy.

Once I changed my judgements about money and opened my mind to the idea that I was worthy of being wealthy too, well, the energy I put out reflected that change.

And little by little I found myself earning more, saving more, in less debt and eventually debt-free!

In a matter of two years I was able to take my credit score from 600 (bad) to 850 (excellent) where it remains 10 years later. Anyone who has tried to increase their credit score knows that’s it’s not an easy task. But it became so for me, as I used my new Money Mindset to stay the course.

I also used my new Money Mindset to start not one, but three brick & mortar businesses; each one more profitable than the previous one.

I also practiced a specific mindset strategy for nearly 2 years, that ultimately led me to sell my business and use the profits to pay off the mortgage to my very first house, which I had purchased just 9 years prior.

There was a time in my life when I never would have imagined that to be possible. Until of course, I did imagine it!

Pretty amazing when you consider that I grew up on public assistance, in environments that were entrenched in the poor man’s mindset, believing that money was the root of all evil, then spent my teens and most of my twenties perpetuating that mindset, and “just getting by”, like so many others.

It doesn’t make me special. But it does make me proof.

Proof that your background and your circumstances do not determine your potential.

Your mindset does!

And the beauty of that realization is that YOU can decide to change your mindset at any time.

This is what I learned

Being rich doesn’t make you any more evil or egotistical than a poor person. Neither does it make you any more saintly or compassionate.

Money is not bad. And money is not good.

It just is.

In doing the deep work over the years to heal my relationship with money…and really, my thoughts about money, what I discovered is that money is just another tool for experiencing the kind of life you want to live. Like Tony Robbins says, “Money makes you more of who you are.”

If who you are is adventurous and free-spirited, then having more money will afford you the opportunity to pursue your adventurous side. Maybe you’ll travel more, or move more.

If who you are is giving and philanthropic, then having more money will provide you with the means to give more, or perhaps start a foundation.

If you’re an uptight person who is fearful and who holds on to money like your life depends on it, then guess what, having more money will make you more uptight, fearful, and frugal.

The point is…

We are not defined but how much we have or how little we have.

But we are defined by what we believe about ourselves, and what we believe we are worth.

If you don’t believe money is easy to come by, and that money is scarce and so far out of reach (like I used to believe), then that is exactly the experience you will have.

Because I don’t care how silly sounds, you CANNOT, and will not, attract wealth with a poor man’s mindset!

So how DO I attract more money and wealth?

If you still have limiting beliefs where money and wealth are concerned, but you really WANT to attract more money and wealth into your life, then you have to begin by making yourself open to the idea of it.

And to become open to the idea of it, you’ve got to get rid of that negative head trash – that poor man’s mindset – that is keeping you broke.

Ignore what your mom and dad told you. That was their experience, and their mindset, not yours!

It’s time for you to throw away that old script, and write your own script (I call this re-scripting) about money, and how it can and will serve you in your life.

Change your language around money. Write about it and talk about it in ways that feel positive and hopeful, not negative and doubtful.

If you’re into mantras or affirmations (I am!), try one these, from my “affirmation mentor”, Lousie Hay. 🙂

“I now attract wealth from expected and unexpected sources.”

“I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.”

“I release all resistance to money. I now allow it to flow joyously into my life.”

“I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.”

What does this bring up for you?

How do you feel about money? Does this topic bring up any feelings for you? How do you think your current mindset is or isn’t preventing money and wealth from flowing into your life?

Please be brave and share your thoughts here.

Even if you don’t see comments, please know that hundreds of people read my blog every week. So something you share has the potential to help or inspire someone else.

Are you ready to change your mindset around money?

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