IS 40 THE NEW 20?

I sure hope not!

I don’t know about you, but the 20’s were trying times for me. Well, except for the fact that I knew EVERYTHING.

But seriously, in my 20’s I was overworked, underpaid, over-experimenting, career confused, insecure, heartbroken, and well, not so healthy, even when I was seemingly “in shape”. Because duh, only old people need to worry about their health! I remember turning 25 and having a quarter life crisis. How cute is that!

In your 20’s, turning 40 seems like a far off concept. I looked at my own mother and “older women” around me, and I wondered what I would look like

                                                                                      at that age, who my husband might be (or if I even needed one because being independent was so cool), what kind of career I’d have, where I’d be living, how much money I’d be making, and if I’d feel sad about being so old.


And today? Forty feels anything but old.

Now, the answers to those 20-something year old questions have unfolded. Never the way I expected them to, but in ways much more meaningful than I could have imagined.

Today 40 feels strong.

It feels wise (er).

It feels confident. It feels sexy. It feels like learning all over again, but this time with eyes wide open.

40 feels free.

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