Not So Sweet Icing Treat

I’ve never liked those super sweet sugary icings that come on most cakes and desserts. At birthday parties you could always find a pile of icing on the side of my cake plate. Wasteful, I know. But most times some sugar sick friend would come by and scoop up a glob with her finger. So it’s all good. 🙂

Even though I don’t favor sugary foods, every now and then I do crave something a little sweet, just not so sweet it leaves my teeth tingling! So after a little experimenting I came up with this simple cream cheese recipe that goes perfect with my pumpkin oatmeal cupcakes, or any cake of your choice.

n this recipe I actually used Neufchatel cheese, which is just a type of cream cheese from France. You can use regular cream cheese as well. I also used the 1/3 less fat because I wanted to cut some of the fat. At other times I will use the full fat cheese. Again, your choice.

Either way, it’s delicious. And it only takes 3 minutes to whip up!




Total Calories/ Macronutrients

Entire recipe:
556 Calories
48 grams fat
24 grams protein
13.5 grams carbs


1 Tbsp (amount I used per cupcake):

35 Calories
3 grams fat
1 gram carbs
To be honest, sometimes I skip the other ingredients altogether, and simply spread the room temperature cream cheese directly onto my cupcake. That’s usually when I just can’t wait to eat it! 🙂


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