How I Keep My Resolutions Every Year. And How to Keep Yours.

By Jessica Perez-Beebe
January 2, 2017

If you read my last article, Stop Making Stupid Resolutions”you already know why 95% of regular resolutions fail by January 15th. 

But my resolutions NEVER fail.

Because I know how to make them! Here’s how. 

Why I love New Year’s Resolutions

You certainly don’t need the start of a new year to set a resolution for yourself. Resolutions are essentially goals, and you can set a new goal at any time of the year. But I do think the the calendar provides the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start!

And everyone deserves a fresh start.

A do-over.

A second inning.

An overtime.

Or just a brand new game.

Don’t you agree?

That’s what I love about the new year. It’s a fresh start – a blank piece of paper, and a time reassess what has been working in your life, what could work better, and what you would like less of, or more importantly, more of!

Because like I talk about in my articleI believe in adding not subtracting. 

And that’s essentially how I come up with my resolution every year; I ask myself, “What do I want more of?”

My New Year’s Resolution – What I Want More Of

I commit (resolve) to meditating 10 minutes every single day. Morning, afternoon, or evening, doesn’t matter the time of day, but it must get done every day, no exceptions!

Why? Because I have already experienced the benefits of mediation. When I do it, it immediately helps to relax me and to clear my head. And ultimately, it gives my busy mind (and busy body) a designated time to just BE, not do.

I’ve mediated off and on for the past couple of years. The problem is, I haven’t been consistent.

Setting this resolution – and setting alarms for it, and posting notes around the house, just in case – will keep me consistent in the practice because one, it’s simple and manageable, and two, it’s something I really want. It’s something I can get behind because I already know it adds value to my life.

And I know, just like other goals and resolutions I have set for myself in the past, that once I’ve repeated this behavior every day for about 30 days, it will automatically morph into a new healthy habit for me.

Then, mediation every day will be easy.

Behaviors (in this case, “resolutions”) repeated every day, become habits.

So why just 10 minutes? 

Why not 20 or 30, which seems much more impressive than 10 minutes. In fact, don’t they suggest “enlightenment” after consistently mediating for 20 minutes?

Yes, they do. But I don’t care about that!

Because before I can get enlightened I need to get my butt to the couch everyday, to simply stop moving for 10 minutes.

Maybe 10 minutes will turn into 12, and then 15, and then 20. In fact, I know it will.

I’ve mediated longer than 10 minutes many times. Just not consistently.

And that’s why I set my resolution to 10 minutes, not 20. Because I WANT to succeed. I don’t want to set myself up to fail.

And shooting for the moon before we reach the trees is how we set ourselves up to fail.

If I fail accidentally at something, okay. But I’ll never purposefully set myself up to fail.

Unfortunately, many of you do, without even knowing it.

That’s why making the right kind of resolution is key.

So, today is January 2nd.

And it’s 8:30 p.m.

Have I meditated yet? Nope!

But I will.

Because even though I prefer to meditate in the morning before breakfast, like I did yesterday, today I got off to a late start.

At this point in the evening I am tired, just returned from traveling most of the day, and still need to read my little one a story and put her to bed. It would be really easy for me to blow off meditating altogether, and just convince myself that, “Ehh, it’s just one day, I’ll do double tomorrow.”

But that’s B.S! And you know it.

Skip one day, and the next day is even easier to skip. Especially when we are trying to adopt a new habit, which is exactly what a New Year’s Resolution is – a new habit.

And habits must be repeated daily – number 7 on my list of How to Make Resolutions You Will Keep.

So tonight I’ll make good on my 10 minutes (or more) just before bed. No excuses.

What about you?

Have you set your 2017 resolution yet? How do you intend to keep it?

Share in the comments below, or email me for guidance on setting one that really moves you. It’s never to late to make new one.

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