Some of the biggest struggles people encounter when trying to achieve their goals is procrastination and time management. People either feel they don’t have enough time or just never get around to the important tasks they have.

If you feel like you can’t fit it all in…

STOP adding more to your to do list! There are only so many hours in a day and only so much we can accomplish. The longer your list, the more stressed you’ll make yourself and the more frantic you are going to feel. Not to mention disappointed, because you are inevitably setting yourself up to fail. You can’t give 100% to 6-7-8 things in a day. It is just not possible, believe me, I’ve tried!

So stop half-assing it, and commit to giving more focus to less things.

Pick THREE things

My number one tip for you to do is cut your to-do list down to THREE things, max, each day.

Then, commit to doing the most important thing on your list first, NOT the most urgent! Here’s the difference:

IMPORTANT: Tasks that support your BIG goal, and move you one step closer to accomplishing it. These are things that actually produce results… like writing a chapter for your book, going to the gym (if you have a fitness goal), or completing an assignment that’s due.

URGENT: Tasks that don’t support your goals. Things like checking your email, replying to text messages, responding to Facebook or Instagram, etc, These tasks seem urgent because you feel like they’re time sensitive, but they’re really not. And, they don’t actually produce results in your life.

Get it?

Personally, I start my day with 30-45 minutes of self-care, then after breakfast, I commit to completing my most important task of the day. Once that’s been completed, I move on to the other one or two tasks on my list. Urgent things only get done after the important things have been completed. No exceptions!

This approach will save so much valuable time in your day and in your life and will get you much better results.


Reduce your to-do list, focus on what’s important and will produce the most results in your life. Then, if there’s time left in your day, you can tend to the other items on your list.

If you want to be more efficient you’ve got to take charge of your day so it doesn’t take charge of you!

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