The most successful people I know have a self-care system in place.

I didn’t always put my self-care first. I used to be a workaholic and I thought it was all about working more, working harder, and going not stop! Until finally I realized that all that effort was actually producing half-ass results — in my business, in my health, and even in my relationships.

I was beginning to burn out! And I knew I needed to figure out a better way to accomplish my goals, without sacrificing everything else.

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to achieve your goals AND take care of yourself at the same time.

Commit to Yourself

A self-care system will allow you to have better results in ALL areas of your life. It will help you achieve an overall sense of fulfillment and joy, and will teach you how to purposely create wins in your day.

Start with this question: How do you want to feel as a result of having your own self-care system? Do you want to feel… clear headed, focused, connected to spirit, grounded, stress-free, healthy, motivated, or full of energy?

After you decide ask yourself… what does that look like? Who do I have to BE in order to produce that feeling of focus, groundedness, health, energy, etc.? What actions do I need to take?

Here is an example from my own life…

I had a goal for myself to feel clear-headed and focused every day, not constantly reacting to whatever was thrown my way. I wanted to have direction and intention each day so I could do things to 100% completion, and not get pulled into all the “urgent” things that were essentially just busy work – email, social media, tv, cleaning the house…

I decided to focus on just the Important tasks that got me closer to my goals and dreams.

In order for me to do that I committed to getting up at least one hour before the rest of my family (by 5:00 am every day) to spend 30-45 minutes getting grounded. I do a little yoga, deep breathing, reading, affirmations, and sometimes journaling. Then I begin working on my #1 most important task for the day. If I happen to get other tasks done, great, it’s an added bonus. But I only focus on ONE main important task, and I always complete it.

This routine has given me so much clarity, time freedom, and a sense of accomplishment.

Create a Routine and Stick to It

An important part of your self-care system is a daily routine. You’ve got to learn to run the day or the day will run you! Everyone’s routine will be different, but it’s important you stick to yours.

Here are my 5 tips to creating a routine you can stick with:

  1. Set a realistic bedtime for yourself. Don’t try to do all the things late at night when you should be sleeping. You don’t want to be sleep-deprived in the morning, believe me you will be unproductive.
    2. Set your intentions for the next day before you go to bed. In your journal write the #1 most important task you need to complete the next day. This will allow you to remain focused and not go off task thinking you need to do something else.
    3. Set your alarm for a time that works best for you and be sure to get up when it goes off. If you have to, put your phone or alarm clock across the room so you have to physically get up to turn it off.
    4. Set up a morning routine, it’s so critical. I recommend you read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod… it’s one of my favorite books. If you don’t have a morning routine this book will help you start one and stick to it.

My self-care system has completely changed everything in my life. No longer am I reacting to everything, putting out fire after fire, or trying to accomplish 10 things in a day, which only waters down your results and ability to give something your full attention, and to completion.

Now, I’m proactive. I set my intention. I set my schedule and my routine, and I stick to it!

I want you to feel that freedom too.

Let us know, in my private Facebook group, whether or not you have a self-care system so we know how to best support you!

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