Everyone has unique superpowers and when you’re tapped into them you’re connected to your greater purpose.

The truth is, it’s easy to give excuses as to why you can’t do, have, or be something. We tend to hold on to all the reasons why we can’t make something happen, instead of looking for the reasons why we CAN.​​

Don’t Get Stuck In The Problem

It may seem difficult at first, but you absolutely have the power to change your mindset from thinking things aren’t possible to know that they are! Here’s an example from my own life that I think many people can relate to:

When I was younger I used to have this story about earning more money. I had old beliefs, ingrained from childhood that kept playing in my head… “Money is hard to come by, money is bad, money is for other people… I’m poor, and it’s greedy to want more money.”

These are all things I heard most of the adults in my family and community say on a regular basis, so of course, I adopted it as truth. Even though it wasn’t! That’s the thing about Mindsets… most often, we are adopting the mindsets of other people’s experience and limited thinking.
Thankfully I was curious and ambitious enough, that at one point I said to myself, “Wait a minute. What if I started saying things differently? What if I started telling myself a different story?

I had nothing to lose and I figured, if other people can do it, I could too! It was with that simple shift in my thinking that I stopped arguing for my limitations and began to argue for my possibilities.

Let Go of the Excuses, and See the Solution

You have the power to change your reality and shape your future.

Any time you start to feel like something isn’t possible for you, use my 2 for 1 rule in mind. Every time you come up with a reason for why you can’t have, do or be something stop yourself and come up with two more reasons why you CAN. This process will help start to train your brain to come up with solutions instead of excuses.

It takes practice and it may not always be easy to shift your mindset at the moment from that constant thinking of limitation to thinking abundantly, but it can be done.

The effort you put into it is worth it.

Right now my clients are having huge breakthroughs and getting really rapid results in their personal and professional lives. They’ve decided to see another possibility for themselves, reached out for help, and are experiencing success.

They have become purposeful co-creators in their life.

You can too!

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You Can Do It Too

I became an entrepreneur 15 years ago when I was broke, in debt, and had a credit score of 500. I never thought at that time, that I’d end up making multiple six figures (so far) and would be building businesses from the ground up…because even though a series of events (including my 45-year-old mom being killed in a car accident) led me to this decision,
I was still stuck in the reasons why money was difficult to come by “for people like me”.

But here’s what I’ve learned, and to what I attribute much of my business and personal success to — in order to change our circumstances, we much change our thoughts and our environment.I was still stuck in the reasons why money was difficult to come by “for people like me”.

If you’re ready to change your thoughts and ideas about what is possible for you, then answer this question:

I was still stuck in the reasons why money was difficult to come by “for people like me”.

Are you earning the money you want to, and making the difference you want to? If the answer is no, then here’s the most important question you need to answer:

If that includes being your own boss and exploring entrepreneurship, then I have an invitation for you to join me this September in Phoenix, AZ at the ZONE EVENT.

The direction you want to travel now is up to you! Will you stop where you are? Or will you take the chance I took 15 years ago?

Join me in Arizona, and be surrounded by 900+ like-minded ambitious women and men. I can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

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