Do You Juice?

And do you track your calories and macros? If so, you could be OVER calculating precious carb calories.

Here’s why.

If you eat everything you juice, including the fibrous pulp, then ignore this email. You are counting correctly.

But IF YOU STRAIN YOUR JUICE (removing the pulp) like I do, then you may be forgetting one important step when you plug your numbers into a calorie counter like My Fitness Pal. You have to SUBTRACT THE FIBER calories.

Now, there is nothing wrong with eating the fiber. It’s good for you! But I get more than my fair share of fiber from all the veggies I eat with my daily meals, so I prefer to strain my veggie drinks so I can chug em down! ?

So if you want to track your calories, and more accurately, your macros, here is a simple guide.

Subtract the Fiber Calories When You Strain Your Juices

1. Factor each component’s calorie count separately.
2. Also take note of each component’s fiber count.
3. Add all calorie counts straight up and all fiber counts separately.
4. Multiple total fiber (in grams) by 4 calories. (because 1 gram of carbs/fiber = 4 calories)
5. Subtract the total fiber from the total calories, giving you a very close estimate of total calorie content for your juice.
6. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.


“Greens Machine”

1 cup kale                                34 cal, 1g fiber

1 cup spinach                          5 cal, 0g fiber

1 cup parsley                          22 cals, 2g  fiber

1 medium beet                       35 cal, 2g fiber

½ inch fresh ginger              2 cals, 0g fiber

2 large carrots                       35 cals, 2g fiber

1 medium G.S. apple           80 cal, 5g fiber

(I don’t typically combine fruit with my veggies (can impair digestion), but many people like to add a little sweetness)

Total calories before subtracting fiber:
213 cals

Total fiber:
12 grams x 4 calories per gram = 48 cals

Total Calorie Count after subtracting fiber:
213 cals – 48 cals = 165 calorie

That’s a difference of 12 gram of carbs. You could use those grams for a slice of whole wheat bread! If that’s your thing. 🙂

Drink up!

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