Did you know that doing burpees nonstop in one hour can help a person weighing 155 lbs burn more than 563 calories?

I don’t really recommend you do burpees for one hour, because I just don’t think your shoulders or low back will be too happy about that. But I do recommend you make burpees a regular part of your weekly workouts.

Because it’s a great full body exercise, and it DOES burn a lot of calories!

Keep in mind though that that there are two other things that make a difference in how many calories you will burn, intensity and technique.

Intensity – the faster you move, the more calories you will burn.

Technique – but only as long as your technique is good.

Good technique = keeping your belly and butt braced, and not arching or snaking up from the ground. Both of these things will protect your low back and keep you moving in an up and down rhythm.

Why I love Burpees

You can do them anywhere, and I do!

At home. In the gym. On vacation. At rest stops (kind of gross, but gets the job done).

The burpee is easy to execute, appropriately taxing, and perfect for beginners to advanced.

1 – 2 – 3 Go! 🙂

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