If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction, then you know it’s always at work. Which means you’re always manifesting your own reality.

But where does it all begin, really?

Thought always comes first.

As Esther Hicks said in her book, “The Astonishing Power of Emotions,” “Everything that you see around you was once a thought or an idea, a vibrational concept that matured into what we call physical reality.”

In terms of your ability to manifest what you want in life, then, your thoughts are SO powerful.

The way you think creates what is going on around you.

Your thoughts determine your reality.​

Sit with that and let it sink in.

To help you understand this idea and put it to work as you manifest the reality you want, I’d like to share an analogy I use in my own life and with my clients: The Tricky Triad.

The Tricky Triad is a circle that starts with our thoughts, then shifts to our beliefs, and then becomes the language we speak (to ourselves and others). These elements form your mindset.

Let’s talk about each of these elements—
thoughts, beliefs, and language.

When I talk about thoughts, here, I’m talking about thoughts you experience repeatedly—things you think about often. These thoughts and thought patterns become your beliefs. And, of course, as you talk about them, they become your language: the way you not only talk about the world, but also the way you view the world … and, of course, what you manifest in the world.

Knowing this, I’d love for you to complete the following exercise:


Set aside about 15 minutes to work on this exercise, and grab some paper and something to write with.

Think of one big goal, whether you just set it or you’ve been trying to manifest it for a certain amount of time—but you haven’t had much success yet.

It might be a career goal, a relationship goal, a health goal, or a money goal.

Now, do a brain dump: write down everything you think of about that goal. What have your predominant thoughts been? What do you believe is possible when it comes to that goal? What do you believe is impossible? As you think about your goal, what are the thoughts you experience regularly?

Once you’ve spent about 10 minutes writing down all the thoughts you’ve had around this goal, ask yourself:

“Are the results I’m manifesting a reflection of what I’ve been thinking?”

Look at the page where you’ve written down your predominant thoughts, and compare those thoughts with the results you’ve seen. Do they match?

The answer is mostly likely, “Yes,” because your thoughts determine your results.

Next step: decide whether you want different results.

Maybe you don’t. If you’re satisfied with the results you’ve manifested so far, then keep on keeping on. Maybe you’re looking at your paper, thinking, “Wow, I can see where my thoughts align with what I’ve been manifesting, and that’s great!

On the other hand, you might now realize, “Nope! These are not the results I want and wooow, I didn’t realize that’s where I’ve been putting all my focus and thoughts. No wonder I’m creating what I’m creating!”

If this is the case for you, and you do want to manifest different results, consider which kinds of thoughts you need to begin to think.

Write those down!

Then, as you go through the motions of your day, consciously choose thoughts about that desire that feel good to you when you think them.

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