There is one question that people almost always immediately ask me when they find out that I’m a fitness and nutrition coach.

Well actually, these days complete strangers will ask me this question just based off of my personal appearance, before they even know what I do. That always shocks me!

Here’s what everyone wants to know

They want to know, WHAT I eat and HOW I eat.

And if they ever sit down to eat with me, they are almost always surprised by how much I eat! 🙂

On more than one occasion I have had someone tell me they just assumed that in order for me to stay in such good shape I must be eating very little and spending half of every day in the gym.

I just laugh. It’s a common misconception, and I understand the curiosity.

So, if you’re curious too, here are the short and sweet answers to the most common questions I get asked about what and how I eat.

What and How I Eat

1. “What do you eat?”

Probably a lot of the same things you eat. Mostly whole foods. Mostly home cooked.

2. What don’t you eat?

These days I don’t eat much meat or seafood. And I almost never eat fried foods or candy.

3. Where do you get most of your protein?
Since I cut waaaaayyyy back on meat this year, I get almost all of my protein from grass fed whey, plant based protein powder, egg whites, organic cow’s milk, organic soy milk, and green veggies (did you know that just one small cup of brussels contains more than 5 grams of protein?).

A couple times per week I also have organic tofu and/or mung beans. And yes, I still occasionally eat lean white meats and fish, but rarely more than once per week.

Why less meat? Initially because I got “burned out” on all the meat I had been eating daily (3-4 times per day), and I wanted to give my digestion a rest. Meat is one of the more difficult foods to digest and also very acidic producing when consumed in large quantities. As time went on I began to notice greater improvements in my digestion, skin, and overall well-being. And because I was getting just as much protein in my diet as when I was eating meat every day, I haven’t felt the need or desire to transition back to meat.

This is a personal decision that suits me. It doesn’t mean I support only a vegetarian diet. The truth is, different diets work for different body types, mentalities and lifestyles, and it is always up to the individual to discover what works best for them.

4. “What do you eat for breakfast?”
It’s changed over the years, but now I typically have oatmeal with flax seeds and cinnamon, sometimes with milk.

5. “Do you drink alcohol?”

Yes, as long as it fits into my macro nutritional goals, and always responsibly. I go through phases. Sometimes I will drink beer or wine a couple of times per week. Some weeks I won’t drink any alcohol at all.

6. “Do you cheat?”

I try not label foods as “good” or “bad”, nor think of food in terms of rewarding myself or cheating myself. But I know what you mean!

I do enjoy foods that aren’t traditionally considered “healthy”. My favorite snack is popcorn, and I typically have it at least once per week, sometimes as many as three times per week!

But I always pop my own organic kernels over the stove (non organic is heavily sprayed with pesticides), that way I can control the fat content and especially the sodium content. Have you ever read the label on microwave popcorn? Pretty scary!

And when I’m not busy making my own macro friendly, low calorie baked goods I might enjoy a nice fresh bagel or slice of carrot cake from the local bakery, usually after a good workout.

So, now you know what I eat and how I eat.

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