Let’s face it. Walking, or even running, on a treadmill can get very boring very fast. But it doesn’t mean you have to toss out your treadmill or turn it into an oversized hanger.

If you have a treadmill at home, or even if you like to use one at the gym a couple times per week (like I do), then here’s a workout almost anyone can do.

Of course you can scale it up or down, by adjusting speed and/or incline, to suit your fitness level.

6 Reasons I like the treadmill

  1. In bad weather, it’s a great alternative to outdoor walking or running
  2. Easier on the knees and back than pavement running
  3. Convenient if you have one at home, so excuse for not making it to the gym.
  4. Adjustable incline to mimic hills and adjust resistance
  5. Good for sprint intervals when you don’t have an outdoor option, or again, to prevent or decrease knee and back pain
  6. Easy to work into a circuit workout at the gym

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