I get asked this question all the time!

Or at least some version of it. “Jessica, how do you do it?”

How do you repeatedly turn unfortunate situations into triumphs?

How do you repeatedly hit your goals?

How do you repeatedly transform specific areas of your life?

It’s easy..

2 Simple Steps to Success

     1. I focus on seeing the situation the way I want it to be, NOT the way it is!
     2. I take action!
So what do I mean by, seeing the situation the way I want it to be instead of the way it is?

I mean this…

If I find myself in a situation that I don’t like or if something seemingly “unfortunate” happens in my life, I allow myself to have whatever immediate reaction I have – whether that’s anger, frustration, sadness, whatever – and then I quickly and deliberately choose where I want to point my focus.

And it’s never on what’s NOT working, or on what I don’t want.

That’s a mindset choice.

For example, when I was struggling financially – just making enough money to pay my bills (and not always on time), I never saw myself as being broke or poor.

I didn’t use words like struggling or difficult. I didn’t focus on what I didn’t have. I focused my attention on what I DID have, including what I didn’t actually have… yet. Get it? ?

I used my imagination + my positive focus to manifest more money, which I already knew was mine before I even had it.

Thinking and believing that I was wealthy (even if I wasn’t, yet) attracted wealth into my life.

If I continued to focus on the “lack of” money (as I had in the pst), then that’s exactly what I would have continued to attract into my life.

It works. No B.S!

And it’s the exact first step I’ve taken with any goal I set – losing weight, becoming an award winning physique athlete, competing in a sport, attracting my soulmate, starting three businesses, selling a business, learning a new skill…

It’s also the exact first step I’ve taken when faced with any “unfortunate” event or circumstance – like my mom being killed in a car accident, or surprisingly becoming a mom to my 3 year old niece, literally overnight!

No matter what life throws at me, I have a simple system for success.

And that’s refreshing!

Here it is again:

  1. I see things as I want them to be, not as they are
  2. I take action!

Taking action is you, meeting the universe halfway.

As a kid, I dreamed about getting out of poverty, about not struggling financially or depending on public assistance. I dreamed about having more opportunities than my single mom did.

So I decided to focus as much of my attention as possible on school, not on the chaos around me, and despite not having much help at home. I kept my nose in the books, and eventually it paid off.

Just before the end of 8th grade I learned that I was getting a scholarship to a private girl’s high school. I had NO IDEA that my teacher and school principal had applied for me. ?

You see what happened there?

I unknowingly manifested that opportunity by shifting my focus to what I wanted, and then by following it up with action. I met the universe halfway, and the universe provided.

That gesture made ALL the difference for me as a teenager! It’s what exposed me to a different way of life…to what was possible for me. It’s what allowed me to dream even bigger! And I did.

At the time, no-one in my family had gone to college; most hadn’t even graduated high school. But I wanted to go to college. So I worked two, sometimes three jobs at a time to pay my way through school. It took me nearly six years to earn my bachelor’s degree, but I did it.

I never lost my vision, and I never stopped taking action.

My family didn’t encourage education. It’s not that they discouraged it. It’s just that my single mom was happy and proud of me for simply graduating high school and getting a good job. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! College isn’t everyone’s thing. But it was important to me at that time in my life.

It was MY dream! Therefore I was the one who had to make it happen. I was the one who had to set my intention and my focus.

And I was the one who had to take action.

In your life, YOU are the one who has to take action!

Later, I dreamed about getting healthy. About not ending up with diabetes like my grandparents, or not being a life long smoker who struggled with asthma, like my beautiful mom did. My lifestyle was far from healthy when I made this decision. But I set my visual intention and began to imagine my new healthy, fit self. ??

And again, I followed it up with action!

I started walking every day. I joined a gym. I read books on nutrition. I followed others who lived a fit and healthy lifestyle. I quit smoking cigarettes to “fit in” with my friends. I hired a coach. And eventually I myself became a renowned fitness and nutrition coach, and opened a personal training studio and a gym. I’d even go on to become an award winning physique athlete in two countries. ?

And when I began to dream about being my own boss, guess what…I followed the same formula for making it happen.

I painted the picture in my mind. And then…

I took action.

Insert any dream I’ve ever had, and the way I accomplished it was by focusing on what I wanted, then taking the necessary steps to not just making it happen, but to allow it to happen.

The universe wants to give you what you ask for. But you’ve got to meet it half way.

What steps will you take today to make YOUR dreams a reality?

Let’s talk.


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