Here’s something I learned a long time ago. You can actually use what you don’t want in your life to get what you DO want.

Here’s why.

Contrast gives you clarity and invites you to make a shift or a change. It’s a reminder that you’ve been putting too much of your focus on what you don’t want, and not enough of your focus on what you do want!

It’s a reminder that it’s time for you to shift your focus.

Contrast is an important piece of the puzzle

What so many people do is instead of seeing contrast as a guide to achieving what they want, is they start to focus on that contrast (the thing they DON’T want) over and over again. What happens as a result of that focus, is that they keep attracting more of that in!

People wonder why they continue to be stuck, and this is why!

It’s basic Law of Attraction.

Putting the pieces together

You are attracting into your life what you continuously focus on. Your energy draws to you that which you continue to put your attention on.

Start looking at whatever it is in your life that you feel you are lacking. Maybe it’s a relationship, money, a fulfilling career. Whatever it is, allow yourself to start seeing that as the guiding point to help you define what you actually do want in your life.

Look at the repetition of contrast in your life as a reminder that you haven’t yet shifted your thoughts, your language, or your beliefs and therefore you haven’t shifted your energy/ vibration.

Keep these steps in mind when you want to shift your thoughts:

1.Identify what you don’t want – the contrast
2. Shift your thoughts to what you do want – the opposite of the contrast
3. Get specific by envisioning yourself in detail, having that which you desire
4. Take purpose driven action towards that goal
Repeat this process continuously until you reach your goal
5. Have faith and practice consistency. Change doesn’t happen overnight. You practice over and over again until it becomes natural to you.

Always remember…

Life is working for you; it’s never working against you. It’s actually you who works against yourself. You have the power at any time to choose a different thought or belief, and to make a different choice. It really is that easy.

Now that you have a system for how to use the contrast in your life to your advantage, you can begin to move in the direction of your heart’s truest desire. I want you to be empowered and know that you do have the power to manifest anything that you want in your life.

Come on over to the Manifest Your New Mindset Facebook group to share with us the areas in your life you are experiencing contrast in.

And don’t forget… Appreciate the contrast in your life.

It’s in knowing what we don’t want that we can become clear on what we do want.

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