Avoid Overwhelm, Procrastination, and Burn Out

Are you someone who makes a long to-do list every week, or every day? Do you get overwhelmed by everything you have to do, and often get pulled in so many directions that most days you struggle to get anything done?

Do you tend to suffer from “shiny object syndrome”, jumping from one thing to the next, and rarely finishing what you start?

This article is for you! (Scroll down for video) ??

Here’s a really valuable tip you can begin to use right now, and can continue to use throughout the weeks, months, and rest of the year.

So this is a little bit of what I do with my private clients when we structure their Ideal Life Plan. After they have done the work on laying out the vision and goals for their Ideal Life , we work backwards and structure the year based on one THEME they have chosen.

Then we continue to work backwards into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals that support their theme. Anything that doesn’t support the theme, doesn’t get their attention!

You can use this same tool to make each of your weeks more manageable and efficient, while avoiding overwhelm and wasted time.

The reason this is helpful is that it helps to keep you focused.

It also facilitate decision making, so that when things are thrown your way throughout the week, are deciding whether or not to take something else that gets thrown your way, all you need to do is ask yourself this simple question:

“Does this support the theme for my week?”

If it does, then go ahead and do it. But if it doesn’t then don’t!

Simple as that.

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