If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen the post I shared last week about a coaching call I had. I don’t typically curse on social media (especially not in a block quote), but this conversation got me fired up!

The sentiment clearly resonated with my audience because the post got a couple dozen comments, and all my favorite emojis ????❤️. I hope it resonates with you too.

Here’s what happened…

During a strategy call for a student of my Get SET Method (which is something I offer to every student at the end of the course), she expressed fear around “what other people will think of me.” And that’s where my natural response, “Who gives a shit!” came from.

I know that might sound like an insensitive response, but she needed to hear it!

Here’s this wonderfully talented woman who’s starting her new business as a life coach, and she’s afraid to put herself out there on social media, like I suggested, because she doesn’t know how her friends and followers will take it. She’s worried they will judge her, laugh at her, doubt her, roll their eyes and say, “What does she know?”

So again, that’s why I said, “Who gives a shit what they think!” I meant it.

She needed to hear it, and so do you!

The number of people I know, or have worked with, who quench their dreams, lower their standards, or make themselves smaller in order to avoid judgement, to please others, or not to offend others is shocking!

And it has no place in the life of a leader, which is exactly what this woman is – a leader who has gotten used to downplaying her abilities and ignoring her gifts. That’s why she needed to be reminded of who she is, and in a way, be given permission to be herself.

And she got it! ?

So the question for you is, are YOU playing small out of fear of judgement?

Do yourself a favor right NOW, and stop worrying about how others might judge you, or even praise you. It doesn’t matter! It’s not your business. It’s not within your control.

And it’s not your job to make everyone understand or like you.

Including your friends. Including your family members.

Not everyone (no matter how much you care about them) will understand your journey. And it’s not their business anyway.

What someone else may or may not think about you may feel uncomfortable (and that’s okay), but it’s not a reason to hold yourself back from what it is you really want to do in your personal or professional life, regardless of what you have or haven’t done in the past.

YOU decide who you are today. YOU decide what you want to do, think, and believe about yourself.

You also decide your value. When you value yourself, others will too.

If I had let what others (friends/family/coworkers/employees/clients/strangers) thought of me dictate my life, I never would have quit smoking…

I never would have stopped hanging out with “the cool kids” who were going nowhere in life. I never would have quit wasting time in bars. I never would have pursued a healthy lifestyle.

I never would have left a great paying international job to go to massage school and become an entrepreneur.

I never would have started a crossfit gym, or competed in physique competitions.

I never would have sold my business to become a full time mom to my niece.

I never would have become a “weird” homeschool mom who travels all over the world with her family.

I never would have pursued my now 3rd career as a Mindset coach.

I never would have done all these things that have brought me so much joy and freedom.

And I never would have touched as many lives as I have.

I also never would have written this post, or continue to share my vulnerabilities so that it might help someone else…IF I cared what others thought of me.

I don’t care. And it’s not because I’m full of myself or insensitive, or because I don’t value others (I absolutely do!)… It’s because I am grounded in who I am and what my vision is. And because of that, I no longer need the approval of others.

I approve of myself.

Try it.

The more you practice it, the easier it becomes.

Does this message strike a cord in you? Do you have a feeling you might be downplaying your dreams, or avoiding a change or decision out of fear of what others will think? Please comment and let me know. I’d love to support you.

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