Admit it.

Are you one of those ladies who still avoids lifting weights because you “don’t want to get big”? I know there’s a few of you left out there who haven’t gotten the memo, or who basically keep deleting the memo.

Please, STOP deleting the memo!

It’s a really, really important one.

And the memo is this:

Lifting weights is  just as important for women as it is for men. And in my opinion, even more so!

Why? Because women have less muscle maintaining testosterone than men. And like men, these days we just aren’t required to do much moving, pushing, pulling, climbing, foraging for every day survival, as our bodies were designed to do.

Modern life has made us lazy, because almost everything is done for us, or at least made convenient for us.

So the less we do physically, the less muscle we maintain, the weaker we become, the quicker we age.

Ah. Aging! That should get your attention ladies.

But WHY is muscle so important?

Really? Are we still asking this question?

Well, I guess some still are or you wouldn’t be reading this post.

(I’ll try to refrain from being a weight lifting snob from here on out.)

Seriously, this is important.

The reasons for maintaining (and therefore continually building) muscle are numerous, as is the science to support it – stronger less breakable bones, greater control of your body and movement, ability to lift things, carry things, move things…be physically self sufficient, increased energy, healthier heart, stress relief, greater endorphins, fitter physique, improved sleep, confidence boost.

Basically, a better quality of life!

And I am not exaggerating.

Talk to any woman who has been regularly lifting weights for a year or more. Ask her if the above statements are true for her.

Better yet, why not begin and find out for yourself?

Wait, what about getting bulky?

Well, unless you plan to take steroid drugs (like the female bodybuilders you are imagining), your estrogen will make it impossible for you to “look like a man.” It’s not muscle that makes us look bulky ladies; it’s fat. Muscle is what helps burn that fat and create those long shapely lines that most of you refer to as “tone”.

Also, contrary to what you may have heard, you can kind of spot train, meaning you don’t have to lift the same way for all body parts. That’s what I have come to love about bodybuilding. You can read about my bikini fitness bodybuilding experience here

For example, already like the size of your legs, or don’t want them to get bigger? You can avoid heavy squatting and opt for lighter isolated exercises for your legs instead.

There are many ways to lift weights!

Confused about which way is right for you? Email me

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