Part of finding true abundance in our lives is finding balance.

Working hard on making our dreams come true, planning and having systems in place…not just for work and career, but for every part of our lives is important. Life is not meant to be easy all the time! But, it doesn’t have to be hard all the time either.

Today I am going to talk to you about one of the easiest ways to manifest true abundance … and what I am about to teach you may surprise you, but I promise, it works!

Are you ready to attract more abundance in your life? Let’s get to it!

Working Hard is Easy…

If you are anything like me working hard is easy! Over the years I have mastered hitting my goals and keeping my family’s day to day activities running like a fine-oiled machine. When things go wrong I am the first to roll up my sleeves and jump in head first. I have never been afraid of hard work and nothing can stop me!

And that my friends, can be a problem. I know! I hear you! “Wait… Jessica, working hard and having things running so well, that is the goal right? Right?! We WANT to be unstoppable and never slow down! Working hard is the only way to succeed!”


Here’s the thing. As with most things in life, finding some sort of balance between work and fun is crucial. If all you do is work harder, not smarter, you are going to MISS some of the most amazing and transformative moments in your life!

I have found that as I’ve allowed myself to embrace more fun and more down time, opportunities arise that I would never have seen before!

Open The Doors To True Abundance: PLAY!

A personal goal I have embraced in 2018 is to play MORE! Allowing myself to let go and enjoy the adventures of life with my family has created an abundance of laughter, joy and gratitude in all of us in the most unexpected ways.

It reminds me of the innocence of childhood, when anything and everything seemed possible. The vision of the future is clear and bright, unclouded by self-doubt or judgment. Creativity and imagination flow endlessly and dreams are bright and SO easy to believe in.

Making a choice to be intentional in finding more time for play has transformed me and reminded me of the power of dreaming, and is opening doors to living a more abundant life with my family than I have ever known!

It’s also allowed me to be more creative in my business.

As I have taken time to do the simple things like playing Simon Says with my daughter, watching a fun movie with my husband, going to the park or taking an entire day off to day trip with my family, I have also found that when I go back to work, I’m more focused and connected, and new ideas often find their way into my mind.

How Do I Play?

As an adult it can often be hard to figure out how the heck you are supposed to play, especially if you have not done it in a long time.

When I say play, I’m not necessarily talking about buying yourself a doll, or building a treehouse (actually that sounds fun!) 🤔. Playing for adults can mean so many things; it comes down to doing something you enjoy and want to do for fun, and not out of obligation.

If you enjoy running it could be taking a run. If crafting is your thing, go do that craft that has sat untouched for way too long!

Take a bubble bath, go shopping, go for a swim, get one of those awesome adult coloring books and a new box of colored pencils and color!

For you, it might even be something as simple as sitting on the front porch with a cool glass of lemonade (or wine) and enjoying the peace!

It is all about relaxing and letting go.

Stop making yourself be the “responsible grown-up” all the time, and learn to just have fun! It will be different for everyone and there is no wrong way to play!

You Playing Affects Those You Love

On a more personal note, I have found as I take that time with my family and play, they feel more loved, more cared for and they are reminded how important they are to me. And after all, isn’t part of the reason we are working so hard and keeping things running so smoothly so that we can give them the world? Sometimes, what they need is a little less of the world, and a little more of me.

Does your family need a little more of you?

Having a fine-tuned machine is wonderful and can serve you and your family by reducing stress, saving time and helping you feel in control of your life. But I challenge you to join me in also finding new and exciting ways to let go, be open to the unexpected and no matter what, give that stressed out workaholic inside of you an afternoon off every once in a while, and PLAY.

Then jump into our Facebook group Manifest Your New Mindset and let us know so we can cheer you on! Trust me, you will thank yourself for it later!

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