For the ambitious entrepreneur or leader who knows the value of having a coach and community that holds you accountable, keeps you challenged mentally and physically, is dedicated to excellence, will call you out, and never let you undervalue yourself or sell out on your dreams.

Vision-Driven Jump Start

This is For the Coach, Leader, or Entrepreneur who Wants to be Confident in What You Do, Communicate it Clearly to Your Audience, and Work from a Place of Flow and Ease.

Before we get started, let me tell you upfront who this program is designed for.
You are a visionary who’s looking to get clear on your WHY, your purpose, and your mission.
Whether You’re…
This program is NOT for you if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, you’re a victim, a complainer, or someone who sees the glass half empty, you’re only in it for the money, or you need your hand held and want someone to tell you what your vision is.
Now that we have that out of the way…
By the end of our 12 weeks together, you will have:

VIP Intensives

A VIP Day is Perfect for You if You're a Self-motivated Go Getter Who Will Implement the Specific Plan We Design During Your VIP Day, to Get You to Your Goal with Efficiency and Flow.

How could your current situation improve BIG TIME, if you were to sit down for a few hours with an expert coach, to plan the exact next steps to take (and to avoid) in order to get you the result you want?

How much TIME and research could that save you?

How much MONEY could you stop throwing away?

How much creative ENERGY could you conserve?

What’s unique about a Vivid Vision journey with Jessica, is that she is gifted at combining the spiritual with the practical …so that you can truly feel and experience your vision, while at the same time see the clear steps you would take to make it tangible.

The PROMISE of a Vivid Vision journey with Jessica is that not only will you experience your vision with great clarity the session, but you will come away from the session having released any doubts or fears that you may have been holding onto about your goal.

Participants report feeling lighter, freer, and more confident in their ability to manifest that vision.

A VIP Day is for you if:

Join High Performers Club

For the Leader or Entrepreneur Who Has Had Success in the Past, And is Ready to Level Up With an Elite Coach and Community for High Level Support and Accountability.

Perfect for you if you are the one typically motivating everyone else, and you appreciate a coach and community that will hold you to a high standard and call you out on your BS so you never sell out on yourself or your goals.

Information, Tactics, and Hard Work Aren't Enough!

To consistently hit YOUR next level of performance, you must develop the habits, thought patterns, visualizations, and mindset used by elite pro-athletes.

By personal invitation only

Unstoppable You Event


The Unstoppable You retreat is perfect for you if any of these describe you: